Introduction To The Lute

Introduction To The Lute

This page is devoted to my Mel Bay publication: Introduction To The Lute for lute and guitar players:


From the Introduction:

“This book is aimed at both lute beginners and guitarists who are interested in playing lute music, either on a lute or a guitar.

When I started learning to play the lute, almost thirty years ago, all the lute players I knew or had heard of, had first played classical guitar. Today it is not unknown for students to go directly to the lute as their first instrument. However there are still many lute players who come to the lute through the guitar. The difference now is that it is not just classical guitarists who have made the leap, acoustic and electric guitar players have also fallen under the magical spell of the lute. For some, the desire is to play lute music on the guitar – any guitar – while for others, nothing but a real lute will do. There is plenty in this book for both players.”


Practicalities – Tuning, Technique, Tablature
Notes on Repertoire and Composers
Single-note Tunes:
La Cornetta/Anon.
La Traditora/Hessen
El Saltarello/Anon.
Two-Part Counterpoint Pieces:
Wo soll ich mich hinkeren/Judenkunig
Fecit Potentiam/Fuenllana
Duet by Fuenllana
Repertoire Pieces:
A Daunce/Straloch
A Port/Straloch
A Toye (1)/Pickeringe
A Toye (2)/Pickeringe
Branle Gay XVII/Attaingnant
Draw neare me and lowe me
Fantasia del quarto tono/Milán
Fantasia del quarto tono/Narvaez
Fantasia N.41/Milano
Fantasia X/Mudarra
I Long for thy Virginitie/Straloch
I Never Knew I Loved Thee/Rowallan
Lachrimae Pavan/Dowland
Mrs. Winter’s Jump/Dowland
Orlando Sleepeth/Dowland
Pauana alla Veneciana/Dalza(?)
Recercare a Juli amours/Spinacino
Ricercare X/Spinacino
Rhona’s Tune/Anon
Romanesca: Guardame Las Vacas/Mudarra
Tarleton’s Riserrectione/Dowland
Tastar de corde/Dalza
The Buffins/Straloch
What if a Day/Pickeringe

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