Welcome to the Classical Guitar website of Rob MacKillop.

The aim of this site is to encourage those who wish to play classical guitar without using finger nails. It is also the home of my own classical guitar studies.

Using the flesh of the fingers to generate sound on the guitar has a long and distinguished history. Whether you play without nails through aesthetic choice, or through medical necessity, hopefully there will be something on this site to help and encourage you. Please use the Comment areas if you have something to say, pro or contra.

I will be embedding sound files and videos of my own recordings and performances, and there is a Players page, with videos and information about some the great nail-less players of the past and present. Feel free to send me links to your own files and videos, or to those of other players.

If you are looking for lessons, I teach privately in my home studio, or via Skype or FaceTime. Details HERE.

Pujol: “In order to produce the tone with the fingertips that Tárrega did, it does not suffice to cut one’s nails short; the tone has to be formed: i.e., a certain balance between touch, resiliency and resistance must be developed in the flesh of the fingertips, which can only be acquired by constant practice and care.” [Dilemma of the Timbre of the Guitar]

Rob MacKillop
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“So, tell me again why you play guitar without nails…”